About Plantasy

''Our fantasy reaches to eternity''

Driven by passion, enthusiasm and ambition to make the world a little brighter. With a healthy dose of creativity and a touch of willfulness. We are Plantasy. 

We dream what we have not yet achieved and achieve what we dream. Our imagination reaches into eternity and we encourage freedom to discover what has not yet been discovered. With an open mind and a light-hearted perspective, we float on our pink cloud high in the world of air plants.

Plantasy makes the impossible, possible. Dreams become reality in a flow of magical moments. With uninhibited curiosity, fundamental knowledge and spot-on intuition, Plantasy creates miracles out of situations of stagnation and chaos. We bring people together and encourage them to have fun in life. Out of the box, innovative ideas, nothing is too crazy.

Plantasy about us


The love of air plants was brought to us at an early age. We grew up in the greenhouses, among the Tillandsias. With a family business in the Westland greenhouses, air plants became our passion. Integrating plants in a unique way into households our mission, inspire our motivation. Plantasy creates amazement and pleasure. We bring moments of happiness to your living room, kitchen or bedroom.
Plantasy makes your house, a home.

''There's nothing you can't make''

There is nothing you can't create, no fantasy is too wild. Plants are no longer just an accessory, they are a way of living. Air plants as part of your interior. Original, unique, creative. Strong, independent and disarming. They live off the air, do not need potting soil. A gift from Mother Nature, a source of inspiration for the creative.  

 Dream, dare, do. We are Plantasy. 

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