Eco-friendly packaging, sustainable cultivation and fresh from the grower!


We believe it is important to take good care of Mother Nature. After all, she provides all the beauty that grows and blooms around us and we want to keep it that way! We want to ensure that the plants arrive at you in the same condition as they left the nursery. In this process, we also take the impact on the environment seriously. We send the orders in boxes made from recycled carton. We also pack all our products in paper and try to reduce the use of plastic as much as possible in order to eventually work 100% plastic-free in the future.


Originally, our air plants come from Central America, but they can also be found in South America and Thailand. In these countries, the plants live in the wild on trees, and it is strictly forbidden to take the air plants from the wild. Our air plants grow in nurseries in Central America from seed or as a pup from the mother air plant. This way, not a single plant is taken from nature and we all make sure that the plants only reproduce naturally through sunlight and (rain) water. The humidity in Central America is very high, so the plants grow in a healthy and beautiful way from seed to fully grown air plant.

However, the humidity in our homes is not as high as in these countries. Therefore, the air plants still need some care to stay as happy, fresh and fit as possible! Read more about the care.

Sustainable greenhouse

We get the air plants directly fresh from our nursery. The nursery cultivates in a sustainable manner and is MPS - Global G.A.P. certified. This certificate means that the air plants meet requirements in the field of traceability (i.e. the growth of the plant and the path it travels), environment, hygiene, safety and plant protection products. In other words, the air plants have a good and sustainable background, are in good hands and will hopefully end up in good hands with you.

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