Decorating air plants: '5 ideas for a mix of 10 air plants'.

"You've been looking forward to them for days and finally they are there in front of you. You carefully open the box and see a glimpse of a plant leaf. Ugh how exciting!!! You further open the box look through the packaging and there they are.... your mix of 10 air plants. You admire them one by one... WOW how beautiful they are and what a special little plant without roots! But after admiring them for a while, you put them back on the table and ask yourself: OK, but what now?"

That is exactly what we know the answer to. There are so many ways to give your home a green touch with air plants. They do not need soil, they live off the air and they need minimal care. The perfect plant to give your creativity a boost and we would like to help you with some extra tips.

Tip 1: Air plants in hanging card holder
Maybe you know it, or you already have it hanging at home? A wall rack in round, rectangular or square shape on which you can hang cards. It's been six months since that birthday, so the cards you received could be taken off the wall rack at some point, but it looks pretty bare as it is. And now your mix of 10 air plants comes in handy. Grab some wire, the air plants and get to work. Turn your bare wall rack into a trendy creation again with your air plants. Don't have a wall rack? You can buy these in many stores, or if you have a taste for it, make it yourself! 



Tip 2: Air plants in their natural habitat

You tried to put your air plants down on a table, but it didn't really work out, bit boring though. Then a tip is to decorate your air plants on wood log. If you are in the mood for adventure, go to the forest and look for a fallen tree trunk or grab a log from your fireplace. Both options not possible? Then go to the store and look for a log. Buy suitable plant glue and get to work. Decorate the wood by gluing the air plants, take your time and press the air plant with the glue on it against the wood for a while, so it has time to dry properly. And TADAAA it looks like they just came from the wild and you grew an air plant tree.



Tip 3: Glass terrariums

No green thumb or you're a little less creative today? Not to worry! For instance, you can place the Tillandsia Ionantha in a wine glass or glass bulb to decorate your dining table. Also, if you have a large cylinder glass, you can fill it with some pebbles, a block of wood or something else decorative and put the air plants inside in a fun way. Or buy a nice glass terrarium and house your air plants in it with some moss, stones or wood chips from outside.


Tip 4: A green touch with doing less.  

If you really want to do as little as possible, but still add a green touch to your room. Look in your storage room if you have a nice wooden or glass bowl and put your air plants on it. Or take a nice espresso cup, glass jar or candlestick and put your air plants there and voilà without doing much you have a nice green creation.


Tip 5: Spread the happiness

What's not more fun than giving an air plant as a gift to your best friend, family member or someone you haven't seen in a while. Write a card, put it in an envelope and add an air plant to cheer him/her up a bit. Giving is often more fun than getting 😊.

There's so much more you can do with air plants! We would love to see or hear what you did with your air plants. Leave a comment or tag us on Instagram or Facebook and inspire others too!

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